The spirit of Kulu is to tread lightly, leaving a minimal footprint on the natural ecology of our wilds. Across the island, Kulu operates several campsites that are non-permanent, yet we strive to offer the most comfortable accommodation with touches of luxury for the comfort of our guests. Our campsites are handpicked for their remoteness – most often our guests are the only dinner party for miles!

All tents have been custom-made in South Africa by one of the world’s leading safari outfitters. Our Base Camp in Yala offers large tents (each tent is over 200 sq. ft.) that are secured on raised wooden platforms. Each tent includes a small deck (or ‘veranda’ as we like to call it) for some private space to sip an evening drink, or to relax with a good book. The tents have en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold showers. The fly screens support excellent ventilation while keeping out pesky critters.

Kulu’s Yala camp is ideally situated to explore the multiple sectors (referred to locally as ‘blocks’) of Yala National Park, and we run the majority of our safaris in Block 1 and 5. however, for guests staying 3 or more nights, we visit Block 3, 4 and Lunugamvehera National Park.

We also offer a mobile safari option, for tailor-made camping experiences to suit specific client requests. Although these tents are smaller, they are comfortable, cool, and well equipped. Often, we deploy these tents to host our Wildlife Documentary clients, who need to be more agile when filming wildlife in remote parts of the island. The mobile option is also popular among adventurous groups seeking a unique and customized ‘off the beaten track’ experience.

For Wilpattu National Park, we offer clients the opportunity to stay in our bungalow, built within the buffer zone of the park. It is a great option for a family or single group to spend time exploring the treasures of Wilpattu. The bungalow is situated on an elephant corridor near a popular waterhole for game, so guests are treated to the company of nocturnal wildlife in the dry season.


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